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Dominique Derrenger was born and raised in Berkeley, California and earned his PhD in street smarts at a very young age.

Throughout his filmmaking career, Dominique gained first-hand experience in many important aspects of the industry. His unique skill set includes; studio creative development, corporate & feature finance, live-action shoot producing, visual effects facility production, bidding & cost consulting, branding & advertising, and team building & leadership. During that time, he also produced a few ground-breaking documentaries, served as VFX Producer and Consultant on big studio franchise properties, and built a design studio that launched award-winning campaigns for premium global brands. His work has been nominated for Academy Awards in the Best Documentary and Best Visual Effects categories, and most recently garnered two Sports Emmy Awards for ESPN's Monday Night Football.

Thanks to the magic of cinema, his illustrious list of former co-workers includes (in chronological order): Bill & Ted, Mickey Mouse, Larry Flynt, Robert Rodriguez, Kermit the Frog, Santa Claus, Bill Murray, FBI Director Joe Divine, Poseidon, Underdog, President Richard Nixon, G.I. Joe, Hansel & Gretel, digital Tupac, Iron Man, Maleficent, Godzilla, digital Paul Walker, Apple, Google, Nike, Watson the supercomputer and Douglas Trumbull. Most recently, he utilized all of the arrows in his quiver to run the Los Angeles studio of ManvsMachine.

When not busy tending to his chickens, Dominique enjoys taking adventures off the beaten path. Be it cruising around the old neighborhood, or exploring an unknown corner of the World, many of his featured photographs were shot on the fly and from the hip. Sometimes roughly composed or imperfectly exposed, his work is less about creating a flawless image and more about trying to capture a perfect moment. His photography has a strong ethnographic appeal that reflects his own personal and professional experiences; a unique mix of witty observations, uncanny timing and pure storytelling.

Dominique currently resides in Granite Bay, California with his very photogenic family.